“Can’t thank Eleonor enough for her eagle-eyed editing. She was very consistent with her edits, and I almost always knew just where she was coming from.”

–Lynne McKelvey, author of A Real Daughter

“Eleonor is a dream to work with. She put in a ridiculous amount of time and energy on this project and I can’t thank her enough for that.  For those of you that don’t know, Eleonor recently helped me out with the re-release of another book which has hit “bestseller” status quite a few times in its category on Amazon. She is simply THE BEST.”

–  Natalie Roers, author of Beneath Them and How to Become a Voice Over Artist, actress, voice over artist

“You can count on Eleonor to respond in less than an hour to any email you send, but typically you get a response within fifteen minutes or less. No matter the time, late night or early morning, weekend nights or Monday lunch, it doesn’t matter, you will get a response. The turn around time for any editing/proofreading work is very prompt in comparison to any other editing services I have ever had, and I’ve used many. Rates are extremely reasonable. Personally, I believe she is underestimating herself and should be charging more. She is willing to work back and forth with you on any assignment to get it just right.

There are a lot of editing services that charge a lot more and do not provide the attentive service Eleonor does. Other services wanted to charge me extra for last minute editing services. The worst was 10 dollars extra per page for last minute services, on a 50 page paper. When I asked Eleonor, she replied with “No, problem” and did not charge me for last minute notice.

Honestly, I do not know if I could have made it through some of my classes without her help. During my capstone I could no longer read my paper, fifty pages were blurry after 30 times of reviewing it. But thankfully, Eleonor came to the rescue. We stayed up late nights and early mornings going back and forth doing final edits to my paper. I turned it in with a few hours to spare and received a 98% on my paper. No other services will work that hard with you on your paper. Go ahead and spend your time trying to find better service than this. THANK YOU ELEONOR!!!! Timely, dependable, very AFFORDABLE, friendly, and proficient. I owe you.”  

– David Portillo, Brandman University business grad student

“I have worked with Eleonor for the past month. During that time Eleonor has displayed professionalism and care that is rarely found in editors. Furthermore, Eleonor is a gifted proofreader and editor. Hder talent is truly breathtaking. Eleonor is essential for novelists, students, non-fictional writers and businesspeople who need assistance with copy editing or general editing.”

-Mike Oye, writer

“I am so lucky I came across Eleonor and asked her for her help. As a struggling graduate student, I needed a lot of help learning how to properly write a graduate thesis. My two years of school did not cover the writing basics I needed. Eleonor not only helped me edit my 50+ page paper, she also picked out major learning blocks for me to work on that helped me write an additional ten pages in the correct style. I learned how to properly write a thesis statement, what a research paper should sound like, and how to convey my thoughts in a professional tone. She made edits by using the notes connotations in Microsoft Word very quickly, efficiently, and for a very reasonable price. It was convenient to view her comments combined with my professor’s in order to create a high quality thesis. I would definitely recommend Eleonor to anyone looking for help with an undergraduate or graduate paper, or seeking a refresher in writing and grammar–I can easily say that she saved me from having to take a remedial writing course! Thank you so much!”  

-Elinore Carrasco, APU grad student

“Thank you Eleonor for your amazing editing and proofreading expertise. My book is doing well, and the professional advice was paramount as my passion for writing continues. Look forward to your professional services in the very near future. Highly recommended!” 

– Tina Wilson, author of Green Assault and poet 

“Eleonor is not only a master of grammar, she is passionate to help writers bring out the best in their work and in themselves. She provides timely and enthusiastic feedback that really helps her clients move forward with the creative process. Working with her enabled me to approach big time editors with confidence, and with her help I have procured three full manuscript requests so far. I wouldn’t work with anyone else, and look forward to bringing my next project to her.”

-Karsten Neustifter, writer

“Eleonor helped me edit my book. She did an excellent job in maintaining my ‘voice’ in writing.”

Mark Miyashiro, author of Olympic Grill

“I enjoyed reading my writing after she got through with it.  I loved her editing and we worked well together.”

-George Hudson, author of Purple Haze and Shep’s Adventures

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way everything went. As we went from chapter to chapter, I became aware of my shortcomings and what it was going to take to make the book more readable. She has a way of asking questions that brings out the best possible outcome. I have been amazed at how she finds the littlest item that is out of sequence and brings it to my attention. These seemingly insignificant details are what make the story believable. She has a wonderful eye for details.”

– Dan Bradford, author of Bo Henry at Three Forks